Investment Strategy

The firm’s specific investment focus is aimed at identifying, acquiring and developing undervalued multi-family and commercial properties.

A Long Term Approach

Canfield is constantly evaluating opportunities in the market, using independent and conservative judgment. If the investment opportunity qualifies, resources are pooled from investors and lending institutions while bright talent is engaged to design and execute plans. The company uses its competitive advantage to produce a desirable product through unique design concepts and architectural innovation. Canfield believes that this will create the most value for the end-user while generating the most benefit for investors.

Our Standards

Canfield has taken great care to establish itself as a leader in the multifamily real estate market. Committed to the success of all of its stake holders, the firm upholds a set of high standards and values. Integrity, creativity, reliability and attention to detail have been, and will continue to be, the keys to the company’s successes.